Monday, January 23, 2017

January 16, 2017 - So...Seke?!

What's up everyone?! Transfer #3 has drawn to a close so quickly. And surprisingly I've been transferred again! They took me and my companion out and replaced us with Sister Missionaries. I've been assigned to open Seke in Harare!! Crazy right?!
I don't have a ton of time but I'll try to include as much as I can. It was our last week as a district and we definitely enjoyed. It rained cats and dogs every single day this week and that made the mud even worse. That made it tough to get to some appointments. There was even a river forming near our house! Like, a real river not a tiny stream. Elder Mtunja and I got soaked a couple of times in the area so that was certainly an adventure. The power went out a bunch too so that was interesting. Haha what can I say, I'm in Zimbabwe!!
Just a couple of cool experiences this week! We finally found this guy we had contacted a while back. His name is Ronwell and he stays in a shack on top of the mountain" in town. We hiked up and taught him. He was super humble and kept saying that his life needed church and Jesus. That was super powerful. Also, we were unable to see Laston but he came to church again!! I was so pumped! It's a shame that I won't be able to see him get baptized.
I was able to teach investigators' class yesterday on the Freedom to Choose. It was so awesome. I could feel the Spirit putting words into my mouth and guiding my lesson and I could feel some confidence as well. Everything was just clear. Then Bro. Mahachi taught elders quorum on the Restoration. You could really tell that he has a powerful testimony and that he grew on his mission. I loved my last Sunday in Kadoma.
This morning we got up early and we played squash at the golf club! (It's basically like racquetball with a less bouncy ball) That was so much fun and we got some good exercise. We sent Elder Banda off this morning which was a bummer. I got to see Elder Larson for a second which was awesome. We got on the travel bus at 11 and headed to Harare. It's so huge and urban, something that I'm not used to in Zimbabwe. I got to see a ton of my missionary friends which was so sweet. I'll be serving in Seke, which is part of Chitungwiza, a suburb of Harare. My new companion is Elder Ray from Texas, who has been out for 9 months. He's an interesting guy and humble and I think we'll be able to do miracles! This area's been closed for a while so we'll see what happens! Overall it's been a great week and I'm so excited to be serving in a new place!!
Love you all!
Elder Barlow
PS I don't have my stuff to send pics because it's all packed up so I promise to send a bunch next week!!

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