Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 - Elder Mukundi

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic week.

Haha as to my title today, we were teaching a family last week and Elder Ray told them that his Shona name was Tanaka (we're good or we're beautiful). They asked me mine, and I didn't have one haha. They told me my name was now Mukundi, or in other words, the conqueror. Haha I was pretty pumped about that, so now I expect all of you to refer to me as Elder Mukundi. Just kidding.

This week started out pretty low but it got amazing by the end. We had a nice district meeting on Tuesday, even though I wasn't doing so well. As the day went on I felt better and better. On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Taloa to his area. It was a lot of fun. He still has a lot to learn but he is doing awesome and is very humble. We taught some nice lessons, including one to this guy who thinks that he had a fellowship experience (sitting in chairs and talking) with the Holy Ghost and claimed that he could speak in tongues. The Spirit really guided me in helping explain to him about the Holy Ghost and clarifying the gift of tongues while not discounting his spiritual experiences. It was awesome and I really enjoyed being able to help Elder Taloa with some things in addition to learning from him.

On Friday I had some realizations about myself and about things that I needed to improve on. At first it was hard, but when I realized that I'm not expected to fix things and improve on my own, I felt a lot of comfort. The Savior is always there to lift us and help us. Our highlight came later that day when we contacted a referral named Lloyd. He's super huge and friendly and very excited about the gospel! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and told him that we'd come pick him up for church on Sunday and it was pretty great. On SaturdayElder Ray and I were all over the place. We got up early and went to the area to make sure we could see everyone. We taught a couple of nice lessons to people. Apparently one of our lessons was so good that the investigator told Elder Ray that her younger sister was single. Yes, Queen Lamoni is in Zimbabwe. That was pretty funny. Then we went to baptize for the sister missionaries, which was awesome. Afterwards, we had our YSA activity. Elder Ray and I organized it with Simba and we had a super good turnout. I had them play Telephone to demonstrate how information gets corrupted by people, but how when we ask of God (James 1:5) the truth is always given. Then we had a physical activity and some refreshments. We concluded with Simba and I singing Come Thou Fount as Elder Ray played guitar. It was pretty awesome and we hope the YSA's will continue to invite friends to church. Then we cooked burgers and fries for Brother Mtetwa, which was super delicious!

Sunday morning we were up and at it early. We walked all the way to Lloyd's house to pick him up for church and he was all ready to go!! He was even taking notes during church and it was so amazing!! That guys is so powerful. Also, remember about that lady that we taught the Plan of Salvation to last week? Well, we weren't able to see her this week but she came to church!! I was so excited. It was further proof to me that we weren't the true teachers, but that the Spirit had touched her. It was amazing. After church we walked with Bro. Faston, our recent convert. He really enjoyed going with us and said he learned a lot. He told us his English and his life have improved ever since he met us, and that made us super happy. It was pretty awesome!!

This morning we went golfing with a ton of other missionaries in Harare. CC and Lolly, both members of the church and professional golfers and part of the Eyes for Zimbabwe charity, helped us improve in our form and provided lunch for us too. It was so much fun and they're such amazing ladies. Watch out Dad, in 2018 we are going to have an 18 hole showdown. Haha it was really awesome!!

I love you all and I hope that you feel the hand of the Lord in your lives each day!!
Love Elder Barlow

My delicious crepes

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