Monday, February 27, 2017

February 20, 2017 - Akaisa Pafudzi Rako Kuti Vhiri (Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel)

Hey everybody!! I can't believe it's been 6 months since I left! The Lord has definitely been with me every step of the way! I hope the week has been great for you all!

On Tuesday we had zone meeting in Mbare and it was nice. One of the sisters gave a presentation on humility and it really struck a chord with me. While I don't really consider myself to be a prideful person, I definitely can be more humble. As a missionary it's really important to align your will with God's and rely on Him, and I'm definitely learning how to do that.

On Wednesday we were out visiting some investigators and we met the husband of an investigator that hadn't really been interested. This guy, however, was super receptive. He even told us that he wanted to join our church and that he would do what he could to come and become a member. It was so powerful. We taught him about the Book of Mormon a little and it was really sweet, especially since our teaching pool has been void of fathers recently.
Me and Bro. Godfrey
(one of our favorite YSA's,
he kept calling me ngirozi (angel) haha)

We were able to work with one of the YSA's again this week. His name is Simba and he's a recent convert (August 2016) and he's powerful. We taught this 19 year old kid who's a seventh day adventist and has trouble letting go of the law of moses, and Simba did an awesome job explaining for us and everything.
On Saturday we taught Samantha the last couple things that she needed to know before her baptism. She's so smart, even though she's only 17. We assigned her to read 3 Nephi 11 last week and she closed the book and gave us a detailed chapter summary! Elder Ray and I were shocked, but pleasantly surprised. It was really powerful. Also, we were able to meet Mai Mondwa's husband finally!! He's a sweet guy and they really seem to be happy. Hopefully their marriage can progress soon!!

Church was great. Haha the branch presidency pulled a fast one on Elder Ray when they announced that he would be speaking right in the middle of the meeting. That's the life of a missionary for ya! Also, we had 7 investigators at church! That was so awesome to see. We baptized Samantha after church!! It went really well and it was so awesome to have our first baptism in Seke. We know it'll be the first of many!! It decided to rain like nonsense after the baptism and we definitely were soaked. That night we taught some investigators about the first half of the Restoration. It was a really long lesson and they asked some amazing questions about the apostasy and the bible and prophets. As a missionary, good questions are just the best. Overall it was a great week. Elder Ray and I made a goal to work harder this week and as a result we taught the most lessons that we have in a week, found a lot of new investigators, and had a high sacrament meeting attendance. And our companionship unity continues to go so well. I'm honestly enjoying missionary work!!
Samantha's baptism

I love you all!! Thanks to my uncle mike and carsyn for writing me some awesome letters I really appreciate it!!
Elder Barlow

Some sweet sculptures that I got!

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