Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 12, 2017 - Walking in a Winter Wonderland?

Hey everybody!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Haha winter is finally here in Zimbabwe. In the mornings and evenings, the weather is super cold! However, in the afternoon, it's as warm as ever. African winter is definitely bipolar!!
Our meeting house

This week we mostly spent our time preparing Rachel, Emeka, and Phillip for baptism. There wasn't a whole ton of time for much else, but it was still a pretty good week. We had the amazing opportunity to teach Tenai again. We had to walk an hour into Borrowdale to teach him, but it was so worth it. He opened up to us about some serious issues that had taken place in this last year and how his faith had been awakened but shaken. We had the great opportunity to talk about the Savior and His sacrifice and love for all of us, no matter what has happened. It was a special opportunity. He knows the gospel is true and really truly wants to do right before God. I am so grateful for the relationship that I have with the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessing I have of teaching others about Him!

On Friday we had zone conference with all the missionaries in Harare, Mutare, and Bindura. The Spirit is always present among a group of missionaries, especially when we sing hymns. I love being able to gather as messengers of the Lord. President Mkhabela gave us powerful instruction on teaching about the Restoration and the power that is carried with that message. I always enjoy getting to listen to him. I also loved being able to see all the good friends that I have made on this mission. They have been a strength and a blessing to me. The only downside to zone conference was that they forgot to announce my musical number....a bit of a disappointment. I hope I get a chance to sing at a future opportunity. 

Philip, Emeka, and Rachel's baptism
On Saturday we had a baptism!! It was actually overcast and really cold, so the water was frigid! Haha that never lasts long. We baptized Emeka (13), Rachel (15), and Phillip (21) and it was so awesome!! All 3 are powerful and were confirmed yesterday! Phillip also received the priesthood, so that was incredible!! It was a super cold day, but it we were all warm inside. Haha I slipped and fell on a large stone pipe and bruised/scraped my right leg a bunch, so that was no fun. You win some, you lose some, right? Haha Elder Horton keeps learning Shona. His favorite phrases seem to have to do with what you eat and he often yells at kids telling them that he either is a rock or that he eats a big chicken....enough said. Why teach the gospel when you can tell the world that you eat a big chicken? 
With Philip and Kelvin (ward missionary)

Church was incredible!! We had a family that we have been teaching for a few weeks now (Baba and Mai Arnold) come to church finally!! We were super excited to see them. We also had a great lesson on the importance and sacredness of family relationships and responsibilities. I am very grateful for my parents, who always took the time to take care of me and make sure that I turned out ok!! 

Elders of Marimba Zone

Today we went with the zone to Sister Reeve's house and played basketball and ping pong etc. That was so much fun!! I've still got the moves in ping pong but that does not transition well to tennis....not even gonna say how that went. Overall it has been a great week and I hope this one will be even better!! Time is flying and I am happy to be in Zimbabwe serving my Father in Heaven!!

Love Elder Barlow

Our street in Borrowdale

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