Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017 - Faith, Friends, and Fun!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone's week was great! I can't believe that we are already in June! Time flies like crazy these days.

Dinner with the Nields

On Monday evening last week we were privileged to have family home evening with the Nields. For those who don't know about Reeve Nield, she's a professional golfer and runs a charity called Eyes4Zimbabwe. We were with her, her mom, and her younger sister's family. They have two younger boys and wanted us to come and teach the lesson. We discussed for a long time on the stripling warriors, prayer, the Holy Ghost, and being an example and it was so awesome! We got to know them better and they are a special family with great faith! They fed us Mexican enchiladas afterwards, and let's just say that us missionaries were on cloud 9! 
Elder Horton and I have continued to find lots of new people! It's my first time as a senior companion, so I'm learning a lot about how to work and set an example. We have been trying to exercise our faith to find new people who are ready to hear our message, and the Lord has been blessing us. It takes courage to talk to a random person about the gospel and about their beliefs, but it has led us to some amazing people! As we have opened our mouths, the Holy Ghost has helped us to know what to say and what to do. It has strengthened my testimony a lot! I got to teach in Shona a couple more times this week. It's still a little difficult, but I am learning and growing and I love having that opportunity! We teach in English whenever possible, but it's unique to teach them in their native language when they struggle to understand us.
Me and Caston!

It's gotten to be pretty cold here in the mornings and evenings as we are entering winter. We have a total of about 5 minutes of hot water in the mornings, so that's been tricky to negotiate. At least we have water!! It's fun to be with my companion. He is very different, but a very solid guy. Haha his Shona has been slowly improving, but he sometimes mixes up the conjugation. For example, sometimes he likes to tell little kids Ndinokudya (I eat you) to get them to laugh. However, this week he told a kid Unokudya, meaning you eat yourself. I had a good laugh over that, as did all who heard him. Well, you are what you eat, right?

One of the highlights that we had this week was teaching Mai Kelvin. Kelvin is one of the branch missionaries and a really fun guy to be around. However, his mom his less active at church and has a lot of questions. We had a very profound lesson on getting answers from the right sources (the scriptures and from the Holy Ghost) and on exercising faith. We read from Alma 32 with her and encouraged her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon again. She says she knows that she'll come back someday, we just hope that it is soon. We also taught Brother Francis again yesterday. When we first met he had a bunch of strange questions on Daniel's prophecies and some conspiracies that he had heard. However, this time his questions were based on staying firm in his faith when so many sources say different things about God and the gospel. We read from Helaman 5:12 about how building upon Christ and His teachings provides a sure foundation, and then we taught him about the Book of Mormon and other parts of the restored gospel. By the end, he told us that the understanding we had given him had enlightened him and that he believed in the Book of Mormon. He thanked us over and over, and it was so powerful and a great experience for Elder Horton and I. Teaching from the scriptures is the best!!

Domboshava District
Elders Horton, Horlacher, Gomez, Makalio,
Guajardo, Josiah, Barlow, and Gordon

We are super excited because we are going to baptize 3 people this week! Emeka and Rachel are both young women and super powerful, and Phillip is 21 and just an awesome guy. I love the people that we have been meeting and I hope everything goes well this week!

Today we got to go visit Lion and Cheetah Park as a district, my second time there. Our district has 8 missionaries, all elders, and we had a good time together. We saw some awesome animals and had a lot of fun! I really do have the coolest mission ever!

Love you all!!

Elder Barlow

Lion and Cheetah Park

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